May 21st, 2010

Cooking Final Trip

The Grand Finale to our the first installment of  Cooking Club, was a trip to a Restaurant. We took all five boys, aged 11 – 13 it was a brilliant experience on a number levels. One to get out of the East End, some having never been to a Restaurant let alone going to West London. The meal was enjoyed by all they had a main course and a dessert, it was great to see them poring over the menu, all watching what each other is having and who is making the best decision. After what seemed like ages our food was brought over to us, all the boys were moaning about how hungry they were by this stage. Two of the young people really hated there main meals and the staff in the Restaurant were really helpful swapping the boys meals for something else.

We then had to order desserts, all the boys by this point had all ready had an Adult main course and 2 smoothies, and they ordered a dessert each. As the desserts arrived all i could hear was my mothers voice,  ‘your eyes are bigger than your stomach’, but each managed to finish their desserts. One looked in physical pain as he swallowed his last spoonful of gaudy looking ice cream fountain thingy. We decided a short walk all the river would be in order, as vomiting in an open space was preferable to being trapped underground on the DLR.

Altogether it was a fun trip and a new experience for the young people.