May 14th, 2010

Spoken Word – Trip

On Monday we took a group of young people to a Spoken Word event at the Salmon Centre. It was a really inspiring time for both the workers and the young people. There were 3 artists performing, each inspiring in their own way as they performed in their individual styles. One of the artists, a 15 year old boy, spoke with such passion and elegance and his words were ordered and delivered in such a way as to leave the listener intrigued, baffled, questioning and impressed all at once! On the bus journey home it was great to hear the young people talk of there experiences, saying ‘that has inspired me to get writing again’ and ‘ that was amazing’. For those that are still a little confused as to what spoken word is there is a video below from and artist that also performed on Monday. I found this clip really inspiring and helps me put in to words what i think we face at the Canaan Project on a daily basis.

Spoken word gig at