June 11th, 2010

6 months is a lifetime…

This week fresh from the residential, we walked straight back into life on the Teviot. On Wednesday night a young person had their face slashed because he is from a different area. Thursday night our normal club was a really fun night and we seemed to continue to develop some more strong relationships with young people, even though overall it was challenging evening. We had a fight in which one boy was really hurt, apparently he was owed ‘some beats’ and we lost half our register because one of the girls likes to cause a scene.

On Monday night we restarted our Spoken Word sessions (to find out what what Spoken Word is click here) we invited the group that did an 8 week Spoken Word course 6 months ago. After working hard to secure money for the artist to come back (Shane) some of them decided they were not  ‘on’ Spoken Word any longer, one particular young person that was involved in the original sessions came at the start and started a conversation with the artist running the session.

Sometimes when working with young people day in day out, you can miss the subtle changes (and sometimes the big changes!) – after 2 minutes of conversation with Shane this particular young person walked off, claiming that he no longer wanted to do spoken word (not because of what Shane said – i might add) but just ‘because’. In growing up (and i am sure you can reflect on your own experience) young people face a multitude of new feelings, experience let alone all the chemicals rushing around your system, this is the challenge of working with young people, 6 months can be a lifetime…

I thought that I would also post this video, there are several lines in this poem, that resonate with me about the young people we work with: