June 25th, 2010

Spoken Word Performance – Last Night

Last night the Teviot Centre in Poplar was full to the brim if not overflowing with creativity (that is the link with the misplaced photo!). We had 4 visiting poets performing to the young people instead of the normal club. We also invited other youth centres to come and visit, Salmon youth centre attended and they bought some young people and a couple of the young people got up  and performed.

It was a great night the young people, said that they really enjoyed it, although they did say that some of it they missed or when over their head. I always love to have new people come and visit the young people, it was great to see young people challenged by what the poets had to say and by them and their personalities.

One of the poets lost his leg in an accident and it was great to see a stunned silence fall as he read his poet about the pain he went through when and as he had it amputated . In my experience aspirations are built on and developed when we meet new people are are inspired, last night was a time like this for the young people on the Teviot Estate.