July 16th, 2010

“This is Real” Film

As the culmination of a Spoken Word project we’ve been doing (see previous blogs…), we had a day shooting a short film last Saturday. The idea was to give the young people an opportunity to perform and record their work and also to give them space to voice their experiences of being a young person in Tower Hamlets. We worked with a team of professional film-makers so had a full set-up of lights and sound equipment and even a clapper board and make-up artist which made the day really exciting (had to do a bit of persuading with the make-up!!).

Shane, the spoken word artist, worked with the guys first on their material on the set. It was amazing to see a group of guys who previously didn’t all know each other and who all had very different stories, share so openly about their pasts and how these experiences had shaped them, their values and views. The four guys were then filmed one by one reciting their work to camera.

They all engaged brilliantly for the 6 hours that we were there, responding to a variety of directions and watching and encouraging each other in between. The crew said they were really impressed with the groups’ professionalism and got some great material so the result should be really good.

The video will be launched online in a few weeks time so watch this space…..