July 9th, 2010

Volunteers – Reason 1

I love our volunteers and I love working with volunteers, I passionately believe that volunteering is essential to not only the Canaan Project but to Youth Work in general.

Why? you might ask. Surely it is better to pay ‘professional’ workers to only work with young people, and surely it is easier. The trouble is (and I speak as a Professional Youth Worker) we do not have real jobs! I got in to youth work because a great youth worker inspired me, and fundamentally I believe that is how we aspire in life, but not everyone can be  youth worker.

Aspirations are built by seeing or experiencing something which changes our thinking, attitudes and values and therefore aspirations. Why it is important that we have volunteers working with young people is because the volunteers come with all of their experience of their working life, and as they share their lives through conversations with young people, young people get inspired.

Reason 1 for volunteers.