August 27th, 2010

Encouragement = Aspiration

‘Young people need to be encouraged in order to proceed in life, I know people that haven’t been encouraged which led to bad stuff happening’

Last night I spent a few moments talking to the young person in the photo – he is 16. He wants to be a Doctor. This intrigued me. Why a doctor? Were his parents doctors? No. An older brother? No. Did he hear an inspirational talk from a Doctor? No. Was he saved from certain death on the edge of a cliff with a major head injury having fallen, trying to save a seagull? No. Simply (and it is simple) his Mum said he could be a Doctor – he could do it. He has it within himself to be a Doctor, to do the work in order to be a Doctor.

It struck me that often this is what it takes – a little encouragement. Maybe the key to lowering NEET figures is as simple as a little encouragement.