August 6th, 2010

Girls Residential Trip – August 2010

This week we took ten girls from my Year 7 Girls Club on a 3-day trip to a residential centre in the middle of the Ashdown Forest in East Sussex. This was a very different experience to taking away 15-17 year old boys as we did in May – buying teddies in the service station, regularly making their beds and sweeping their dorm floors and asking permission to have showers!!! The one similarity they did unfortunately have was staying up almost the entire first night sustained by an extensive range of sugary products.

But this didn’t stop their enthusiasm though. The girls had a brilliant time and really threw themselves into all the activities – archery, climbing, tunnelling, high ropes, canoeing, obstacle course, team challenges and night walks in the forest. They really pushed themselves outside their comfort zones and discovered new skills and interests – one girl loved tunnelling so much we nearly lost her down every hole we walked past!!

It was a tiring but fun few days and a great opportunity to get to know and understand the girls better. We had some exciting chats about future projects they want to do so I’m really looking forward to working with them more in September.