September 24th, 2010

A Night of FUN!

Last week on Thursday night, our main night of provision at the Teviot Centre, we had a Fun Night. This consisted of a BBQ and a Bunge Run – look at the photo for evidence of this.

It was great, between 50 and 60 young people attended and they all seemed to really enjoy themselves. These nights are often hard work and a lot of planning effort goes into them (especial thanks goes to Fiona in this case). The young people seemed to really enjoy it. A wise old youth worker once told me that if a young person says ‘yea that is ok’ or ‘yea that’s alright’ when talking about specific events or things you are running, then you are doing an excellent job and in the language of an adult it might be more like, ‘that was brilliant’ or ‘amazing thanks’. But Fiona over heard a young person on their mobile phone talking to a friend saying ‘yea come down it’s live’ this roughly translated means that the night was a success.

As in a previous blog I talked about the importance of young people not accessing our service for anything other than having a good time. Enjoying socialising together and with the volunteers and there were no reported food poisoning cases so what more can you want!