September 10th, 2010

Canaan FC – A new venture!

So this week Canaan FC had their first match (a pre season friendly). It was great. They were a little nervous to start off but soon got in to the swing of it and did really well and were all over the other team! Unfortunately we lost 5 – 4 but I have every faith in them for the coming season.

We have entered Futsal league run by a another local charity City Gateway. It’s really fast with short games and a lot of fun. I (James F) also made my debut as a Football Manager – I did a good job of cheering and chewing gum although next week I am going to buy a sheep skin jacket to complete the look.

Motty In Sheepskin Jacket

Another great thing about this team is that the boys are from a variety of backgrounds and friendship groups so this is a great opportunity for building understanding between them and it really represents the diversity within Canaan Project’s work.