September 3rd, 2010

Working with Young Women – Part 2

We have just taken a group of girls to Stubbers Adventure Centre (Wednesday this week) and it was an adventure! This trip was a continutation of our targeted girls work that Fiona wrote about a little while ago. We did lots of activities of which jet skiing was the favourite, but they also built rafts, swung from high ropes and trekked through mud in Argocats. The girls all really threw themselves into the activities – and any bit of water they could find!!! We were especially proud of some who challenged their fears of certain activities and did things they would never have done before. They all said they had an amazing time and are already asking when we can go back.

Speaking to a parent the next day she said her daughter could hardly eat her dinner that night she was so tired! She also told us how good she felt it had been for her daughter to go on a trip with just girls, having 4 brothers who sometimes knock her confidence when she tries new things. And this is one of the reasons we are passionate about doing girls work…

Girls are under represented in youth clubs around the country but especially in the East End of London.  There are a number of reasons for this including the fact youth clubs are often orientated around activities that are traditionally male such as table tennis and pool. This results in spaces that are dominated by boys and girls who are either not interested in participating or too intimadated to do so. We are working hard to create safe spaces where girls feel able to fully relax and express themselves whilst also being able to challenge themselves and develop new skills and confidence. This day was a real success in all of  these respects and was a great end to the summer and beginning to a new term working with these girls.