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October 15th, 2010

The secret of our success

If you read this blog regularly you may well think I harp on about our volunteers, well you are right! The volunteers are what makes Canaan Project work. I wanted to share something that happened this week which made me felt pretty emotional about our volunteers.

On Tuesdays we have a Futsal team (read this Blog for more information). Myself and Fiona normally attend with Mike, a volunteer who loves football and is a consistant and dedicated member of our team. He coaches, manages, encourages and sorts the young people out if they are hacking too much! Anyway, as normal this week Mike was shouting out all sorts of football terms (I am not really a footballer and barely understood what was happening). When the half-time whistle blew our boys came back to where Mike and I were standing. Unannounced Mike produced out of his bag a bottle of water for the team and some chocolate bars for energy! I was speechless! I didn’t ask Mike to do this, in fact I have been encouraging Mike to do less – he has a full-time job as an engineer and is doing a masters as well! Yet as usual, he went the extra mile because he cares for the young people and wants the best for them. This is the Canaan Project way.