November 12th, 2010

Cooking Club is back!

So cooking club is back! We have had a little bit of a break from Cooking Club over the summer but have now started with a new group of girls from one of our Langdon Park Girls Clubs.  Its a ten week course that takes place on Monday evenings where we learn to cook a new recipe each week, learn a bit about healthy eating and work towards an AQA in basic cooking skills. The best bit for me however is talking to the young people, listening to their stories and watching them develop new skills and confidence.

I also love it when the meal is cooked. We all sit down and eat together and chat. The latest group of girls is very different from the first group who were all boys. The boys were all about making, eating and going whereas the girls take 4 or 5 times longer over eating, enjoying the chatting as much as the eating. They talk about their days, their homes, what they have to eat…They interact so differently, asking each other questions etc. For the boys it was much more about the task of creating and consuming rather than enjoying being in the process.

The last session made me laugh so much. After making dinner everyone had their plate and had sit down to enjoy their meal. As we all tucked in one of the girls (with a full plate of food) pulled out a sandwich and began to eat it. Fiona and I looked at her strangely and asked why she wasnt eating the food she had just cooked. She simply said ‘i don’t like it’ and took a big mouthful of her sandwich! One step at a time I suppose…