November 1st, 2010

Ice Skating

Last week (half term) we took 20, 12 to 13 year old girls ice skating. This may seem to be a random location to take them, but this had been requested by the girls. Before Fiona even started her young women only sessions in Langdon Park School, a young girl asked if we could take her ice skating. She has continued to remind Fiona of this every week for the last year!!! So we went…

It was great fun. Fiona and I (James) drove a minibus each and we had a couple of volunteers, Amy and Gemma. We got to the ice skating rink before it even opened and were queuing up outside. All the girls were really excited even in the cold, wet and windy weather. They all ran in and grabbed their boots. Fortunately we had a spare supply of gloves, and socks for those that did not have any. They then all waddled in the boots to the ice rink, all got on the ice and hung on to the side all the way around the ring. It was hilarious to watch a group of 20 girls all clinging for dear life to the rail, calling for help, and we did wonder if we’d taken on more than we could cope with!!

After an hour or so it was great to see them grow in confidence and skill as they helped eachother away from the edge. They continued to enjoy themselves and spent the next 3 hours whizzing around – or at least some did! There were others still spending as much time on their back sides as on their skates!