December 27th, 2010

reflecting on 2010…

Our Christmas present to ourselves at the Canaan Project this year was a shiny new database courtesy of Lamplight! I wouldn’t ordinarily be excited about a database (and definitely wasn’t during the process of entering over 400 young peoples details onto it and hundreds of work records!!) but looking at the list of young people we’ve worked with and sessions we’ve run over the course of the year was really encouraging. Its sometimes hard to be sure of the impact you’re having when you get lost in the nitty gritty of the day to day. We have learnt in the last year the importance of taking a step back and reflecting on and reviewing the work we’ve done over a period and this has been one of those occasions.

This year we’ve started 2 girls clubs, run 46 youth club sessions, 2 residentials, 5 day trips, 15 cooking workshops, a spoken word project, we’ve made 3 films, managed a futsal team and run 3 one-off events and detached street based sessions throughout the year. That comes to around 1438 hours (this is conservative) of face to face work with young people over the year 65% of this is volunteers time.

We are generally not about the numbers but looking down a long list of young people and being able to remember the various interactions we’ve had with them, the projects they’ve taken part in and little bits of progress they’ve made, it makes it all seem worthwhile. Bring on 2011…!!!