December 10th, 2010

Spotlight Youth Centre

Over the past 18 months we having been working with Poplar HARCA speaking to young people about the Spotlight Youth Centre, a youth centre that they are planning to build on the estate we work on. In that time we have spoken to 1200 young people, gathering their opinions on the design of the building, which have informed the image above. Young people have shaped this centre from inception and they will shape it right through to completion and then beyond in to the management and running of the centre. This week we heard that the Government, through the Big Lottery, are going to release the funds for the project! So in 2013 on Langdon Park on the Teviot Estate, about 200 metres from our current provision, there is going to be a £6m youth centre!

This is really exciting for the community and a facility that will really impact the young people well into the future. It is a real investment in to the lives of young people in Poplar.