January 28th, 2011


There is a really great campaign running at the moment called the 99percent campaign.  It is based on the following statistics:

‘In London, the total number of people under 20 accused of Serious Youth Violence in 2009 was 1336**. The under 20 London population in 2009 was 1, 868 457***, this means an actual percentage of 0.07%’

‘In the 2009 ‘violent crime’ category (which includes crime types that are far wider in definition than serious youth violence, including, for example, ABH, Common Assault, Possession of Offensive Weapon, Harassment, Other Violence) in London the total number of young people aged under 20 who were arrested and proceeded against was less than 1% (0.59%)****’

I love these stat’s because it is true and is reflected in the services we run. Most of the young people we meet get through to adulthood ‘ok’. Yes they struggle, they test and push, they sometimes want us to support them, listen to them, offer information advice and guidance, but they muddle through without getting involved in crime. This is not to say they do not engage in risky behaviour.

We do see those that commit crimes and have been involved with the law, but that is not all the young people we meet, yet seemingly all of the young people in our club seem to be tarnished with the same brush, by the media or by their community. One of the young people involved in the 1% this week offered his services as a young volunteer, helping the younger kids. We must not demonise the 1% either.