January 7th, 2011

What’s happening in 2011

So we have reached a new year and this seems an appropriate place to have a little look at Canaan Project over the next year. To start I want to lay down a challenge to myself and other authors on this site to have a real emphasis on the positive. 2011 is going to be a positive year. I am struck that a lot of organisations working with young people can focus on the negative (especially our media) and things like knife crime, gang culture, racism, underage pregnancy and ‘hoodies’ etc etc. But on this blog we are going to make a concerted effort to positively promote and celebrate young people in 2011. Not that we ignore the negative but that we do not record it in such a way as to glamorise or re-emphasise the negative when there is so much good in the young people we work with. I am not saying that this is ground breaking or particularly new, it is not, but we want to be extra aware of it in 2011.

I think 2010 was a year of massive change for the Canaan Project and we really increased and developed our work reaching more and more young people (please read previous blog). So for this year, certainly the first half, we need to consolidate our work, look critically at our relationships with young people and see how we are moving forward with them and making sure we are still of value to them. We need to work hard on our administration and back room processes to build us a strong foundation from which to push forward.

Funding definitely needs some break through in 2011 – we need some more! I say this and mean it, but we also need to be creative and innovative with this, as per our work with young people. We offer excellent value for money and this is really important to us. We are a slim, agile and responsive organisation as a result (even after all the Christmas pudding and mince pies!!).

I will start as i mean to go on, with a positive story. Last night was our first club back after the break and it started with one of the young people coming in grabbing my hand and shaking it, wishing me a happy new year. This is a large step for this particular young person in a extremely positive way. Bring on 2011…