February 25th, 2011

A busy week in Canaan…

This week has been extremely busy! We have had a week full of trips, mainly for the young women that access Canaan Project activities. The boys did get a look in – we took the Futsal boys out for lunch on Monday, which was fun and a bit of a celebration of finishing the season as mentioned in this blog.

We took the cooking club girls out for their final meal, which was a slight ordeal, as we trekked across London but I think everyone had a fun time. Some were definitely more adventurous as a result of cooking club, branching out with new flavours and dishes, whilst others opted for the easy route – a plain well done burger and chips! One step at a time…!!

We also went Ice Skating again with a bunch of year 7 girls, which was great. Everyone came back with all their fingers and only slight bruising. Result! The opportunity for a new experience was taken with both hands by some and it was a pleasure to watch them grow in confidence as they took tentative steps on the ice at first and by the end were whizzing around! It was also a great opportunity to develop our relationships with them and share the experience.

We are also taking a group horse riding this afternoon – hoping that goes well!

On another tack we also had the This is Real (the film we made) featured in a BBC program, link here. It is about 19.19 minutes in.