February 4th, 2011

Futsal has come to an End!

So we had our last league game for Futsal this Tuesday. We lost! But the aim (set by myself and Mike the volunteer involved) was that we should not finish bottom of the league and we actually finished 3rd from bottom. Or more positively 7th place in the league! Mission accomplished!!

I am so proud of the young people that took part. They were often the underdogs against teams physically stronger and bigger than them. The other teams did not spare them because they were younger and smaller either and they often came off worse in tackles and took quite a beating in some games. The one outstanding feature of the team was their attitude. Their attitude week on week was positive, even with the odds stacked against them. I can not praise this highly enough, I was proud for the Canaan Project to be represented by them.

I am not sure whether they will want to enter next season and I am not sure my nerves could take it, but if we do I know we have set a benchmark for the behaviour and attitude.