March 18th, 2011

Volunteers – Reason 4

We love working with volunteers. We have such a committed team and I believe it makes a real difference to the young people. I think that working with volunteers that are committed to young people and to making a difference in their lives is really important and communicates value to the young people.

Valuing young people is so important and sometimes just saying ‘we value you’ it is not enough, but communicating it through action is so important and volunteering time is a huge way to communicate true value. Committing time is also really┬ácounter cultural in busy London lives. Our volunteers rush back after busy day jobs and leave families to come to Canaan Project sessions. Young people are continually pushing boundaries and learning their own values as they mature into adulthood. They are often contrasting and comparing people they meet on the journey, including Canaan Project volunteers, to develop their own values. ┬áSo maybe we will have a group of young people that develop values based on giving and committing time to others, if not at least they have experienced this love.