April 15th, 2011

Easter residential

This week we had the pleasure of taking 13 young women from our year 8 Girls Club to an outdoor pursuits centre in Southampton called Calshot. Its an amazing centre on a spit of land that sticks out into The Solent, providing a range of water and land based activities. During our stay we did canoeing, snowboarding, power boating, archery, low rope and initiative courses and climbing and track cycling. As always our plan was to give these girls opportunities and experiences they otherwise wouldn’t have and also just to have a lot of fun.

It became clear as the trip went on that there were indeed lots of firsts for the group. For some, this was the first time they had ever been outside London and everyone was trying atleast one, if not most of the activities for the first time. As James said in his last post, you can offer young people opportunities but they don’t always want to take them, but happily this was not the case. The girls really threw themselves into every activity regardless of having just got of the coach after a 5 hour journey (don’t ask!!) or being tired after staying up all night or being scared and in many cases they overcame fears,┬ádiscovered new interests and found that they had a natural flair for certain activities. The instructors were really impressed with how the girls approached everything and said they’d really enjoyed working with us.

It was exhausting as always but such a privilege to be able to share these experiences with such a fun and appreciative group of young women. They’re already talking to me about how we can raise money for another trip so I’m not putting away my wet shoes yet!!