Map of Teviot 1
April 22nd, 2011

Our area – The Teviot

I wanted to fill you in on the area in which we work – the map above tells you of some of the isolation that people may feel in the area, cut off by 2 Major A roads a Canal and a DLR . This is an extract from a funding bid, put together by a professional fund raiser on our behalf:

?The Index of Multiple Deprivation shows the ward of East India and Lansbury (within which the Teviot Estate is located) to be the most deprived in London.  65% of the Local Super Output Areas are in the 5% most deprived areas of the country.  The area is characterised by social problems common to many deprived areas – gang violence, substance misuse, high rates of crime and anti-social behaviour, poor educational attainment, high levels of worklessness and youth unemployment, and child poverty (Office for National Statistics, 2009; Tower Hamlets Partnership).  The Canaan Project Youth Service addresses these problems by encouraging young people to take control of their lives, and to break the cycles of generational worklessness, conflict between different groups,  and the pervasive, underlying apathy, cynicism, and negative peer/family influence that can undermine aspiration and ambition.

Stats tell us one story but stories tell another – why not read some of the old blogs of our work and get the bigger picture.