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April 8th, 2011

This Blog is Boring

Next week we are taking 13 young women on a residential and there is loads of preparation that goes in to these events. From the fund raising that has happened to make it even possible, the day to day forms and planning to spending time chasing young people to make sure they have given the right information and signatures and doctors details! Sometimes youth work just is not glamourous.

Often for events, even weekly ones, we end up sending reminders to young people and encouraging them to attend. This can be particularly complicated in preparation for young women’s only events as friendship groups play a really important role, and certain young women will not want to attend specific sessions if other young women attend. Working through this and mitigating it prior to a residential is tiring and time consuming. I have empathy with Jamie Oliver in his Dream School when he is reflecting on the amazing opportunities that he is offering the young people. He communicates his frustration in their inability to take these opportunities or even know what to do with them once they have them. This is our day to day reality.

It is essential throughout the preparation process to hold on to the thought that the great new experiences that the young women will have and new opportunities, will some how shape them on their individual journeys to adulthood.