Amy B
May 27th, 2011

Amy’s Story

I’m really excited about writing the blog this week as I (Fiona) have permission to tell you about the journey one of our young people has been on over the past two years.

We first met Amy when she was 15 and her and her friends started to come to our Thursday night youth club. They came most weeks but had often been drinking as they did most nights after school. We regularly had conversations with them about their drinking and often couldnt let them in because they were so drunk. I remember one occassion where I ended up sitting on the floor with Amy in the toilet with her trying to convince me she had food poisonning and ending up walking her home.

We didnt see Amy for a while but she now tells me that not long after this she was out one night drinking with friends and she was hit by a bus. She escaped with a broken colar bone as one of her friends managed to pull her mostly out of the way. But this experience really shook her up. She decided that this wasnt the direction she wanted her life to go in.

We bumped into Amy again on the estate a few weeks ago and she proudly told us how she’d stopped drinking, finished her GCSE’s and was now working full time as a dental nurse. The change in Amy was immediately visible in her manner and attitude and how confidently and maturely she engaged with us.

As we continued to chat Amy expressed a real interest in giving something back to her community and becoming a role model to other young people so Amy is going to become a young volunteer with the Canaan Project. She has already completed two taster sessions and its clear that she has massive potential to be a strong leader and offer valuable support to her younger peers. Amy is an inspiring young woman and we’re really looking forward to journeying with Amy as she continues to progress and develop. We’ll keep you posted!