May 6th, 2011

The voice of young people…

We are just doing the monitoring and evaluation for the funder that gave us money for Canaan – Trips over the last year. We had 112 places for young people to go on trips some of which have been talked about on this blog, we did 3, 3 day Residential trips, and numerous day trips and some evening events. As I was writing the evaluation I included the below quotes:

‘I have more knowledge, experience and lots of fun’

‘I feel more confident’

‘I learnt how to work in a team, and communicate with other people’

‘I challenged myself’

‘I have conquered my fear’

‘I tried new things which I would not normally do’

‘I have learnt when there is an opportunity don’t back down, go for it’

Some of these quotes demonstrate the beginning of aspiration development or at least some of the life skills that might lead to great aspirations. I was reflecting about aspirations with a colleague yesterday and he said ‘you can’t just tell people about the top of the mountain you really have to go there (the top of the mountain) with them’. We really value the ‘mountain top’ experiences at the Canaan Project and the hard work in the process of reaching the summit.

There were lots of quotes and I think these summed the general feelings of young people that attended. There were also lots of quotes about the quality of residential food! There is nothing quite like home cooking or PFC (Perfect Fried Chicken – for those out of the London Area!)