May 13th, 2011

Youth Unemployment

I took a young person yesterday to an office in Bank to meet a potential volunteer that works for a well known international company. As we were walking to the office for the meeting we were talking about the contrast between the crumbling paths of the Teviot Estate and the posh streets of Bank and Canary Wharf, both a metaphor and a fact!

The difference is real. It seems like an unobtainable dream to work or be in a place like Bank or Canary Wharf, a place dominated by people so different. The young person felt (as did I to be honest) out of place. The area is so culturally different. We have to look at ways to make this place more accessible.

The amazing thing about this potential volunteer is that it brings that world crashing in to the Teviot. It puts a face to a dream. This is a great opportunity for young people to aspire to more. As I mentioned in my last blog, this could be another mountain top experience. This volunteer could make this world seem much more accessible and the dream of working in such places more achievable, contributing to the 3rd part of our mission:

‘To provide opportunities for young people to develop aspirations and the resources to achieve them.’