June 17th, 2011

Alcohol and Young People

A common issue in youth clubs up and down the country is young people drinking. This story from the BBC today prompted this blog, along with yet another conversation with a group of young people about drinking last night in youth club. This has been becoming more common recently again. We had a group that used to come in drunk Amy’s group a couple of years ago, but it seemed to have stopped for a while.

The article talks about the role of parents in the drinking of the child. We had have conversations with young people in the past about there drinking and they have stated that they have had conversations with their parents and there parents are ‘OK’ with it. Or parents that simply seem not to know or care.

There are the more obvious physical health problems with drinking that young people are exposing themselves too, including Alcohol poisoning but it is some of the other ‘knock on’ affects which concern me.  Particularly  some of the young women we have had conversations with in the past have made themselves very vulnerable when they have been drunk, and we have had do do some informal education around drinking and being on the streets or in the parks with people you do not know or going to other peoples houses that you do not know and getting drunk.  I think some young people will always drink to excess but at the Canaan Project I hope we educate them to act safely and support each other when we are not around to help.