Resi Project 2
June 3rd, 2011

Residential fundraising

Over the past couple of months a particular group of boys at our Thursday night youth club have kept asking us when we’re next going to take them on a residential. Some of them have been on previous trips with us and ┬ásome of them haven’t. We had to explain that our funding for trips had run out and that we would need to apply for more money before we could go on another residential. When the boys heard this they said confidently that they could easily raise the money so we’re holding them to their word!

We’ve had 2 meetings now with a small group of the boys who were interested. We first discussed exactly what they wanted to raise money for which included looking up various residential centres and deciding what kind of activities they wanted to do. We then looked at rough costs and started to think of different ways of raising the money. Robbing a bank was an early popular choice but┬áthe guys soon came up with various legal methods such as events and sponsored activities.

Its great to see their motivation and creativity coming out on this project and we’re really hoping it will pay off.