Sam Baker
July 1st, 2011

Bow Detached

This is a picture of Sam Baker. He works at St Paul’s church on St Stephens Road (just to make it confusing) in Bow. A few years ago they had a refit/rebuild and it looks beautiful now (it could be described as a modern Noah’s Ark inside a grand old church – well worth a visit if you are near by) it is now an amazing community space with a cafe, gym, teaching facilities and a worship space, it is a really community focus church in the heart of Bow. As part of this community focus they employed Sam in September 2010 for 3 years (maybe longer) to work with the young people in the church but also those outside the church.

Sam and I met through some mutual friends in a local network in Tower Hamlets and started a conversation about how the Canaan Project might support Sam in his work in Bow. So for the last couple of Monday afternoons I have been doing detached sessions on the streets of Bow, we have spoken to some young people but at this stage been finding out about the community and the local needs. It appears that there is a high youth population in Bow but a real lack of provision for them.

It is great to work with other like minded individuals in the local area, I am looking forward to see how the relationship between Sam and the Canaan Project develops in the future.