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July 8th, 2011


Sometimes youth work is about offering young people opportunity or experience even when they might not deserve it or even take us up on the offer. We are made up from loads of different experiences this informs who we are. We have been working with one young person for a number of years and he has been really difficult, we took him on residential and he complained so much! I have taken hundreds of young people on residential and I can truly say I have never had anyone complain as much as he did! It took us longer than an hour each morning to get him out of bed!

He then started to show some promise in youth club and we thought that to encourage this we would ask him to become a Young Volunteer. 2 weeks later we had to ask him to leave the youth club for inappropriate behaviour, including stealing a fire extinguisher. 6 months on…

We are continuing our work with LEAP Confronting Conflict and we have asked him whether he would like to go on the training, where he will be trained in Conflict resolution and communication skills, a really great course and one that can open up an number of other opportunities. Last Thursday was his interview, but before his interview he turned around to a worker and called her a rude word (not for the first time) and was kicked out of the session.

I am sure he will be back next week and we will offer him the opportunity to apologise to the worker and maybe for him to have the interview, whether he takes the opportunity or not who knows? But we have offered it to him, and this is part of our job as youth workers.