July 15th, 2011

Love and Anger

I have just been on holiday (which was great), this gave me the opportunity to catch up on some reading, the books have been piling up on my bed side cabinet! I read a great book called Working with Young People in Love and Hate‘ written by Nick Luxmoore, he has a number of years experience working with young people in a variety of environments.

This is the amazon description of the book: ‘This book is about boyfriends and girlfriends – getting them, keeping them and moving on from them. Young people put enormous energy into these processes: they worry, they hope, they conspire and they cry because, in a sense, having a boyfriend or girlfriend is about much more than just having a boyfriend or girlfriend. Using dozens of recognisable vignettes, Luxmoore movingly describes his work with young people. In particular, he explores the dramatic conflict between young people’s loving and hating as they move from the intimacy of relationships with parents to relationships with boyfriends and girlfriends, frantically negotiating sex and sexuality, the meaning of love, faithfulness and unfaithfulness and many other issues vital to the adults these young people will become. The book will be essential reading for professionals and parents struggling with the ferocity of young people’s feelings where ‘I love you!’ and ‘I hate you!’ are never far apart.’

It reminded me that we are working with young people and as they figure our who they are and what ‘love’ is, and this is sometimes a difficult journey, but the Canaan Project is all about Working ‘with’ young people not ‘on’ young people, our duty is to walk alongside them in this journey.