July 29th, 2011

We are the sum of our Volunteers

I just want to pay tribute to our volunteers. This week we received some external feedback about the volunteers from a knowledgable and reliable source. That having viewed our work and the volunteers he concluded the volunteers are  ‘excellent’. He is absolutely right they really are excellent and so committed to the young people.

Last night we had our summer party, we had a BBQ it was great! One our our volunteers wheeled his BBQ about a mile from his home to the centre so we could cook on it, he then wheeled it back afterwards. Our volunteers really go the extra mile, totally committed and it costs them, time, energy and effort. Thanks so much.

It is not just that they turn up each week they, are fully present, they are interacting with young people, building relationships, watching out for them, following up conversations, thinking about young people during the week, one volunteer went to a friend of his to talk about a young person in the session getting a placement or apprenticeship with him. He did not have to do that, I did not tell him to do that, he just did it, because he thought he could help.

The Canaan Project does not function without generous people giving generously of their time.