August 5th, 2011

Summer Party

I write this Blog as the rain drives against the window in my office! But last week we had our Summer celebration, it was great. We had a BBQ and it was like the feeding of the 5000, they came from everywhere. We did have some technical issues with the BBQ apparently I, (James) bought the wrong lighting blocks (a bad workmen…) but once we got over that it went fine.

It is great feeding young people and throughout the night some great conversations ensued, the tools of a youth workers trade are their conversation skills and it was brilliant in the feedback and review meeting afterward to hear all the volunteers talking about the positive conversations and interactions they had with young people.

I think there is something in dealing with the young peoples physical needs(food) to move on to other needs. As Maslow points out with his idea of a Hierarchy of Need dealing with the bottom rung of the hierarchy , food, shelter etc and move up the scale (Click the word Maslow to see what i’m waffling on about). Informal education – the work of the youth worker, comes after the needs of the stomach! Sometimes we make these things complicated, they don’t need to be!