Money Sep 11
September 2nd, 2011

Funding Update

I just wanted to up date you on the current funding situation, as some of you may have been aware for a long time it was looking a little bit scary at the Canaan Project, but we have made it to our Year End 1st September 2011 and there were times this was looking like it would not happen!? We were successful over the Summer with Lloyds TSB Foundation and Trusthouse Charitable Trust giving us some money toward our work. We also had some personal donations that are very appreciated and seriously mean a lot, both in a financial sense but also in that that others recognise our work and feel to give out of their personal earnings. So a big thanks goes out to our supporters and funders, thanks so much, you are enabling young peoples lives to be positively impacted on a weekly basis, through the work of the Canaan Project.

This is half the story, we are still around £18,000 short for the next financial year ending August 2012, so for those of you that pray, pray, for those that give, give, and for those that pray and give, pray and give! We have applications in and we are creating some interesting partnerships with people (more news to follow) that might bear fruit in a financial sense. This is a difficult situation to be in as a small charity but does offer us the opportunity to continually evaluate and monitor the work, ensuring we are running a very ‘lean’ organisation, there is no fat on us! Every penny counts!