Understanding about taking responsibility feedback
September 30th, 2011

Leadership and Responsibility

This photo is of the joint feedback form completed by the young people on the Leadership Course run by LEAP that happen last weekend at the Canaan Project. As you can see they all identified that they have learnt about taking responsibility and there are some nice comments alongside the photos.

The course was a big commitment 18 hours over a weekend! That included getting young people to the Teviot centre at 10:00am on Saturday and Sunday morning and for anyone who engages with teenagers, parents, youth workers etc, that is a mission on it’s own!

The course content was great, it helped young to think about power and particularly the power they hold and how that power works out in their own lives. They then looked at leadership and what leadership is and different types leaders, particularly that they look up to and the qualities that they have and hold, and the qualities that the young people have related to leadership. Finally they looked at responsibility and the responsibilities they have and what responsibilities they have including a very powerful listening exercise to get the young people to think about how they listen

As well as the firm learning outcomes noted above, I was much more inspired to look at some of the softer, relational outcomes, like growth in confidence and self esteem.  We had a total of 17 young men come through the course over the week with 10 who participated throughout. It was really encouraging to watch some of the young people go through a process as they realise who they are, what skills, knowledge they have including some of the attitudes and values, and how these affect them and their impact on others. It was great to see young people who would normally not speak out in a group, speaking out and sharing personal details, feelings and emotions, and growing in confidence as a result, learning new skills in communication.

6 of the young men passed the course and will be put forward for the next level of the course at LEAP, the remaining 4 will need to do a little more work and there will be no reason they can not progress later on.