January 27th, 2012


This is the 100th blog on this website! This is great, this means there is 100 stories and thoughts all about the Canaan Project and the amazing work that we do with young people! When you have some time to kill have a read over the old stories and the thoughts we have had they make some interesting reading, I am sure one day they will make a fine book!

Last week at the Canaan Younger session on a Monday evening we started up cooking again. It was great fun, two groups of young people (a group of young women lead the way and then a group of young men) got involved and seemed to have a great time. It was lovely to listen to them talking and showing each other what to do. Peer support is such an important aspect of young people lives and the support of good friends and the network you build can really help in later life. Some said they had learnt new skills and developed new understanding from cooking whether that be how to chop an onion to how to cook a burger (as pictured) life skills that we really help, although they will need some variety in their diet, and not too many burgers!

It was also great fun for them to share the work of their hands, with their peers. The boys were at first suspicions of getting involved but after eating all the burgers that the young women had made and deciding that they tasted great and it maybe worth a little bit of hard work to get some more, again a golden life lesson.¬†They all also seemed to have a great time, and having fun is such an important aspect of the work for as a Youth Worker sometimes it is too easy to ‘accredit the fun’ out of the activities that young people are doing, so that activities that once were fun become boring. Here’s to having fun!!