NEw Year
January 6th, 2012


I took this image on my way to work this morning. It was a fresh London morning and I was thinking about the coming year particularly as this week at the Canaan Project we have been planning for the 2012. I am going to list some of things that you might see on the blog over the coming year, that we are working on:

  1. A new film! For those that did not see last years This is REAL here it is. We are looking at doing another short film looking at the aspirations of young people.
  2. More stories from young people about their aspirations and the hopes and dreams they may have. At the Canaan Project we are talking about more than just careers but aspirations for all aspects of life including family, friends and community.
  3. More work with young volunteers. We are looking at how young people are working in their community through the Canaan Project, how they are supporting their peers, how this is developing themĀ and how we are facilitating this.
  4. We are looking to continue to develop our evening youth club sessions especially the newer one for younger, young people, with new and exciting aspects – more to be revealed later.
  5. The Girls work particularly at Langdon Park will be taking on a new shape over the coming weeks and we will be posting about how that is going to work.
  6. We are getting a plan together to carry on funding the project. I think financially 2012 may bring some challenges, but the quality of the work will find some funding i’m sure.
  7. Oh and their is some sort of sporting event happening locally!! I think we might do something around that!

We are really excited about 2012 and are looking forward to working with young people and seeing them develop and continue to grow into the positive interdependent adults we know and believe they can be. Bring on 2012!