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January 20th, 2012


One of our young volunteers is really into photography and actually more than that, he is really good at it and is trying to make a career out of it. We have been talking for ages about the possibility of him sharing some of his knowledge with some of his peers. Last night he brought down some of his photography equipment and his portfolio. It has to be said we were a little apprehensive about how it would go and so was he as we later found at. In a conversation afterwards we both acknowledged that we had thought it might ‘flop’ (slang term for fail). But it didn’t!!

In the de-brief after the session the young volunteer said it was the most hectic session he had ever had, but one of the most enjoyable. Lots of the young people got involved and really got in to it. 2 or 3 of the young people really enjoyed learning about how to take pictures and about lights and shutter times etc etc but most wanted to be in front of the camera striking poses. Sometimes working with young people is hilarious and watching them striking moody poses in front of the camera making sure the light is right to ensure that they get the perfect Facebook profile picture made me chuckle!

This is why we run the Canaan Project. If it were not for the Canaan Project they would not have the opportunity to learn these new skills. But actually, more importantly (we believe), they would not have the opportunity to interact with another member of their local community and learn about what they are interested in and the skills they have developed.