February 24th, 2012

Behind the Scenes

Running a small charity like the Canaan Project actually takes an incredible amount of effort. This is a really shared effort, with a majority of it made up of people giving their time for free. Volunteers for the Canaan Project do not just do face to face youth work with young people, they perform a whole range of different functions.

We have a group of trustee’s that are committed in a formal legal way to the charity and its governance, overseeing the financial, fund raising, PR and Marketing, HR and Management and safe guarding, to name a few of the areas. Trustee’s meet every couple of months, I think most important function is to hold and guard the values of the organisation making sure that we do not drift from what we say we are going to do. Thanks to our Trustees!

But there are also a range of other roles performed, for example the design of this website, people helping with fund raising, running and planning events, running special one-off projects like the spoken word workshops, HR advice and guidance, accounting and book keeping. I would encourage you to think about what skills/passions you have, and don’t think ‘well…i don’t like young people’ or ‘i can’t speak to young people, thats for younger people to do’ (i hear that one a lot!) and write yourself off, try and get involved either with the Canaan Project (this would obviously work well for me!) or a charity around the corner from you. As I speak to all the volunteers we have, I get a sense that they really enjoy it, and get something from it.