February 28th, 2012

Celebrating childhood

Last night a 12 year old boy grabbed my sleeve and dragged me over to the corner for a private word. He sat me down and looked at me seriously straight in my eyes, and said in serious tone, ‘James…notice anything different about me?’ and gesturing with his hand he circles his face. I am really bad at this particular game – never noticing new hair cuts and getting in trouble etc. So I look at him, and rattle through in my brain what might be appropriate or not, you have put on weight ? ┬áProbably not great for the self esteem, lost weight? I think I just need to leave any size related comments, Did he wear glasses? I don’t think I seen glasses before, I then move on to thinking this is like a game of ‘Guess Who’, so i decide to go with hair, ‘you got new hair’, he looks at me slightly disappointedly, everyone says that. I pick up the study again, clearly moving on, ears? something about teeth, he starts smiling, at this point I decide I do not like this game at all, and he can clearly see I am struggling! He slowly runs his finger over his top lip, offering a clue…’ahhh’ I exclaim ‘you shaved’ he beamed ‘yep…yesterday’.

We then spent a good 30 mins talking about shaving and celebrating his shave together. It is great to be able to celebrate with children their movement to adulthood, this is often missed or not appreciated as they are so desperately aiming for adulthood and missing out on being children. Another important role of the Canaan Project.