February 3rd, 2012

Sex Education

Last Thursday we had a Sexual Health Session with young men in the Teviot Centre during the main Thursday night session. We invited a visiting professional from the NHS, with experience in Sexual Health Education. It was a great opportunity to have an adult conversation with the young men, in a safe and structured environment. It was particularly great to have an honest conversation as men together, both young people and volunteers, the subject often carries a lot of bravado and sarcastic comment! The young people seemed to engage, ask questions, and have conversations that we have never had before with these young people.

We had an anonymous box in the youth club that they could ask what ever questions they wanted, the questions were answered by the expert, he did have some rules, like not answering personal questions, which was good because the young people seemed to have taken a keen interest in the sexuality and the underwear of the workers!

It was also good to talk about associated emotional issues that go alongside Sexual Health about how they treat young women and interact with young women, i think we would like to come back to some of theses issues and look at their relationships.