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March 9th, 2012

BFG – Big Funding Group

We have a committed group of young volunteers that given up an hour or 2 of their week, each week to raise funds for their community, with the Canaan Project supporting them. This came about because the young people are always asking for new things or trips etc and we currently do not have the funds that were once available to us for the extra supportive services for young people, that complement the provision on the streets or the estate. So I asked a group of our young volunteers, the ones that I thought could concentrate for the time needed to commit and the BFG was born.

I meet them once a week as a group to mentor and support them, this has been a really helpful and productive time. They have learnt new skills in communication, but most importantly helping them to look outside of the box. It has been great to watch them creatively think and get excited about the possibilities. There is definitely an exciting future foe the group, watch this space, I am sure I will be posting some events for you to sponsor!