March 16th, 2012


Last night we made Pitta Pizza. We have talked in the past of the importance of food and young people learning new skills in the kitchen. There is also another reason and that we ask young people to make food and that is to help young people create something for nothing. Creation is important. To create something that before did not exist and through your intervention now does exist is so important, it gives the creator a sense of self worth and confidence, in their ability and skill.

This new creation and sense of achievement can be really important for young people to build on, learning that you are able to create even a small thing can give confidence to create larger things, like jobs or qualifications. Creativity is also important for relaxation and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, and can lead to developing aspirations. Some young people are not very often given the space to develop creative ideas and some of them are really great at it! The Canaan Project exists to give young people space to develop these skills and the safe space to grow in confidence and self esteem through being creative. All that from a piece of unleavened bread!