March 2nd, 2012


So last week we made pancakes! Wow that could have been a mistake but it wasn’t after initial doubts one young person lead the way and then we could not stop them! They engaged really well with the activity learning about how to make pancakes and the process of cooking them. But as always as a youth worker it is the activities around the activity that are the most interesting, it was great to hear the conversations happening between young people and volunteers about aspirations, school and studies and family situation to name but a few.

There are was also a great little story, as they were making the pancakes we were encouraging them to flip them one young man said there was no way that he would flip one and that he could not do it. Then I watched as one of volunteers had a quiet word with him and encouraged him and said that he could do it and that he would show him how, then reluctantly he decided to go for it. Stepping back from the cooker he flips it perfectly, then the biggest smile appears and his chest puffs out. Watching young people grow in confidence and self esteem (even over flipping pancakes) is amazing, and these small acts demonstrate to the young person that trying can lead to success and that he is more than capable, from flipping a pancake to becoming the prime minister. Believing in young people is what we do at the Canaan Project.