April 20th, 2012


Last night we had to sit down with the younger youth club and have a conversation about recent behaviour, which has been somewhat challenging! We sat down and discussed what we would wanted the environment to be like in the Youth Club, and some of the differences.

This was a journey that we walked together with the young people, to identify behaviour that they thought was acceptable, which came down to three categories; Respect for other members, respect for the leaders/workers, and respect for the club (physical building) and equipment (the photo above are the notes from the session). We then said what we would offer the young people, so it was a contract between us and them, the young people then decided sanctions for breaking the contact (so often when we do this they are harsh, more harsh than we might be as youth workers).

To be honest we did not have high hopes for the above session and as normal the young people really surprised us and engaged in the process and seemed to listen, unfortunately one of the young people broke the contract with in 5 minutes and ended up getting kicked out of the sanctions. I really believe in these processes because they are encouraging young people to develop and make decisions for themselves part of the development into adulthood, and also these kind of boundaries may only be enforced in the youth club and other times in their lives throughout the week they may have a lack of boundaries.