April 13th, 2012

In the community!

Youth Work and Community Work are two very closely aligned disciplines, I came to realise this a fresh last week. We were running a detached session, this is when we are on the streets, in the community, I bumped into one of the young people that is too old for the club sessions in the Community Centre but has been a long term member and actually one of the first young people I met on the estate. He actually used to cause me all kinds of head aches, with his antics! We were able to have a great conversation about another young person (one of his friends) about some of the issues that they are going through and some of his concerns for his friend.

It was also interesting how this impacted on the community and it’s other members of the community, including parents and other related adults. Also on the night i spoke to at least 4 members of the wider community about the young people, local community politics and plans for the future, including speak to a local business lady about the possibility of some work experience for young people. Just being there on the street enabled all this community working and networking to happen, all part of the wholistic work of the Canaan Project.