April 5th, 2012

Bridging the gap

This week and next we are taking loads of young people on trips in and around London. We love taking young people out and about. Oftentimes we are giving young people opportunities that they would not otherwise have. On a trip to an outdoor activities centre on Monday, one of the young women said she really appreciated the opportunity to be out for the day because it was the only opportunity she was going to have all Easter break to leave the house. But this opportunity was way more than her just having the opportunity to leave the house. She was sooooo scared on the High Ropes course and wanted to turn back on several occasions but with encouragement from her peers and the youth worker she began to believe in herself and the ropes and made it further out on to the course than she imagined she could, even crossing the gap in the pictures, rumoured to be the hardest part of the course!

The learning from this experience is huge for this young woman and others like her; that if they persevere they can succeed at what might initially look like impossible or unachievable tasks and achieve what they set their minds to. We expose young people to these experiences because we believe they offer learning for life, impacting future choices that we as youth workers may never witness them make. It is such important work and makes such a difference to young people that often have limited opportunities because of the situation and area they might have been born into. The Canaan Project is about reddressing this imbalance. The pictures above and below are great metaphors for what we are trying to do at the Canaan Project; lending a hand for young people to bridge the gap!