May 25th, 2012

Faith Conversations

Faith is always a topic of conversation at Canaan Project sessions it’s a relevant subject for a lot of the young people with over 60% of the club having an some sort of Islamic heritage/faith/experince and the Canaan Project – being called the ‘Canaan Project’ with the faith story we have. We had a particularly interesting conversation last week about culture and faith, around the faith of the young people and how this impacts their aspirations. Faith is clearly such a large part of the some young peoples lives and impacts the decisions they make and the people they associate with and places they visit.

It was particularly interesting to talk to 4 of the young men about their understanding and view of marriage and their expectations of their future wives. They carry many assumptions about how things might be and how they would feel about their wives, for example the expectation that their wives would wear a head covering – scarf or hijab, why they would do this and what that means to them and for them. It was a great conversation exploring their understanding and perspective. There was also and interesting conversation about the impact of culture on religion and faith, how they felt they wanted the ‘true’ religion without the culture of religion or faith, they felt it was better to be pious than someone who ‘fakes’ their faith.

I am sure we will carry on with interesting conversations at the Canaan Project, working ‘with’ young people not ‘on’ them.