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May 18th, 2012

‘My dad divorced me…’

This is a quote from a young person this week. This is a profound statement, this young person feels that there dad has not only divorced their mum but also them. They then went on to say that they did not want to talk about it any more because of the hurt around it. This really got me thinking about the amazing gifts our parents give but also some of the negative aspects. These range from skills and abilities to our world view and outlook on life, these are modelled to young people constantly in the home, whether there are both parents or not.

As youth workers we do not only work with young people but are also working with parents, we have to acknowledge that young people operate/live/develop outside of the time that they are with us, sometimes youth workers think they are the ‘be all’ and ‘end all’ of influence over young peoples lives, youth workers with some sort of messiah complex! Therefore it is always important to monitor and evaluate our time with young people to ensure that it is the most it can be and it is a truly effective use of our time and theirs. This is a picture for Wednesday night dinner with 4 young volunteers, a very special time with deep conversation about life, in this conversation Fiona and I were able to raise questions about the assumptions that the young people had made about a number of issues, sharpening and helping them to develop their world view rather just accepting what they have been told. Youth work in context is amazing, but it should always be in context.